all our programs are custom built to your goals

 With 20+ years experience, dog trainer Paola Hoger works online and in person for 1:1 training or video training courses to help you achieve the dog of your dreams.

Are you seeking help from outside our service area? No worries there, I can help! We’ve been running our remote (distance) programs for years now, helping our clients reach their dog training goals, even when they live on the opposite side of the world!!

What is your vision of your dream dog?

Before you got this dog you had a vision of how your life would be together, full of goals to achieve together. Close your eyes and put the current behavior problems aside and try to remember those dreams

 Was it to go for a walk in the park with your dog, them walking nicely beside you, as you walk by kids, joggers, kids playing, enjoying a beautiful day?

 Was it hiking, did you picture getting to the top of the mountain, feeling energized by all your hard work, with your trusty companion by your side?

 Was it a family BBQ, everyone enjoying the day,  your dog hanging out playing with the kids, then falling asleep under the table?

My mission is to take you back to that time, before the issues cropped up and help you get on the path to not only curing your dog’s biggest problems, but reaching your dream life with your faithful companion.

How Our 1on1 Training Works

tell me about you

Click the GET STARTED button and fill in the short enquiry form so I can learn a little about you and your dog. I’ll review the form, reach out and we will have a quick phone chat or email conversation and if it makes sense to work together, we can move forward! If not I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction for your situation. 

Book a Mini-program

Dog training and coaching people through behavior change is not always a linear and perfect process, sometimes things can’t messy and emotions can get very real when dealing with the dogs we love. Because of this it’s paramount that you trust me and I trust you, and that your dog trust’s the process as well.

So if we both decide it makes sense to work together, we can start with a Mini-Program before any long-term commitments and tackling often lofty goals to test drive everything. Our intake process is unique in the industry as we won’t pigeon hole you into a long-term program right away, nor will we give you a half hearted ‘consultation’ where you barely get any training! 

Our mini-programs are 30 days long, fully customized and cost $450+HST Canadian (a steal for our USA students!) which makes this an affordable option if you only have a couple of small issues you need help sorting out.

The Experience

The 30 day Mini Program was designed the get to the root cause of the issues you are experiencing with your dog and help you get behavioural relief fast. Of course MANY issues take longer than that to fully solve, and a dog will not be trained to a high standard in only 30 days… BUT, you would be amazed and what can be accomplished with a few KEY habit changes to your current lifestyle and training regime.

Together, we’ll discuss your current relationship with your dog, what your vision of a dream dog looks like, and plan a course of action to guide you and your canine companion to success.

Let’s work together to achieve the dog of your dreams!

Together we will create a picture of what your ideal dog looks like.  What skills and behaviours does your dog need, to be this dog. It doesn’t matter what your dog should or shouldn’t do as long as you are OK with it.  This means if you want your dog on the furniture that’s great, that doesn’t mean he is a bad dog or that you are a bad owner.

 My objective is to give you the pros and cons of these choices and their impact.  For example, does your dog get off the furniture when asked, if not what skills does your dog need to change that?

 Does your dog have confidence issues?  Let me teach you how to diminish your dog’s stress and build their assurance.  Using management and training that give your dog information on how to behave so they are not defaulting to aggressiveness.  For example teaching a dog to walk away from a crawling child instead of growling at the child. At the same time teaching you how to challenge your dog to continue to build his comfort level.

Private Dog Training Services with Paola Hoger

All of my 1:1 training packages are highly customized to you and your dog’s needs or challenges. We’ll work together to come up with a step by step plan. We can work in person if you live in the Kemptville area, or I work with clients worldwide via video call.

Puppy Packages

Our goal is to help you right from the beginning instill proper habits in your puppy so you do not have to do a lot of problem solving later.  We sit down with you and decide what your dream dog looks like, then we create an easy to follow training and management plan.

Dog Sports

If your dog needs a job, or you are looking to strengthen the bond with your canine companion by taking part in fun dog sports and activities, we provide beginner through competition level training in agility, nosework, and other dog sports. Training is for all levels, from beginner to competitive training.

Reactivity Training

Is your dog reactive or acts aggressively with people or other dogs?

Does your dog have undesirable behaviours?

With your dream dog vision, we’ll work together to make that happen with a step by step plan and lots of 1:1 support!

I Started Dog Training Because I Had Those Dreams Too!

I have spent over 25 years learning the best way to achieve my own “dream dog”.  Besides working as a dog trainer for 20+ years, I have owned and trained numerous breeds of my own dogs: Akitas, Siberian Husky, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and now Border Collies.

Every single one of these dogs has had a lot of lessons to teach me!

My challenges and struggles with my own dogs became the reason I kept learning, kept searching for better methods of training, kept acquiring knowledge. I have learned from some of the best in the industry: Ian Dunbar, Chris Bach, Susan Garrett, Terry Simons, Terry Arnold, Janet Lewis, Turid Rutgas, Carolyn Clark, Justine Davenport, Jessica Patterson and many more.

The skills and lessons I’ve learned, along with the deep belief that one of the most important qualities in any canine companion is that they are well mannered and well-tempered, is what I share with all of my dog training clients too. I know that together, we can do this!

Why work with me?

Whether it’s a family pet that walks nicely on a leash and isn’t fearful of strangers, or a canine companion competing in dog sports, we’ll develop a customized plan and work together 1:1 to achieve the dog of your dreams. 


20 years experience


Positive training methods


1:1 highly customized training (in-person or online)

Ready to change your relationship with your dog?

Dog Owner Success Stories

“From the moment we brought Cooper home he’s been a joy! You just can’t help but smile when you see this little guy wagging his whole body – so happy all of the time. That is until he was attached to a leash. The adorable, 20 pound ball of fluff turned into a raging maniac! I was being dragged around by a bucking bronco disguised as a puppy!

I had taken obedience classes from Paola with our first Golden so I gave her a call about Cooper. Paola stepped in and solved all of our leash problems with just 2 private sessions! Cooper was walking calmly and quietly on a loose leash with a flat collar within hours of Paola’s intervention.

No choker chains or odd devices, just an understanding of dog behaviors and positive reinforcement. We regularly receive compliments on our beautifully behaved dogs when we have them out in public. Thanks Paola!”

~ Cheryl & Cooper

“My friend and I went to Paola to help us with puppy obedience training for Buster – an exuberant and friendly Black Labrador Retriever, and Dawson – a sensitive and cautious Golden Retriever mix. The two dogs are very different, and the issues we had with them were also very different.

Paola was able to quickly identify and focus on the needs of each dog. She helped us develop training practices that foster healthy habits and behaviours, in the dog and in the human at the other end of the leash.”

~ Leanne & Dawson