From ‘NO Sit’ to ‘HOLY Sit’

Special Sneak Preview of Lesson #1 of the brand new course ‘From No Sit To Holy Sit’ offered by Paola Hoger of K9 Essentials/ Shake a Paw Dog Training.

Are you looking for the secret to having a dog that listens no matter what?

Here’s what I know about great dog owners, you work your butt off!

You practice every day

But if you’re here there’s a high probability that you and your dog are just not getting it

Despite the work you’ve put in, your dog still acts like a wild child 

Or even worse, they blow you off completely and occasionally give you the middle paw

…They aren’t completely out of control

But when faced with difficult and distracting situation you never know if the good dog or the bad dog will show up

And because of the poor behavior you’re still not comfortable out in public

The solution? Well it’s all about the ‘Bits’.

I’ve decided to offer Lesson #1 of my new course ‘From NO Sit, to HOLY Sit!!’ for all our regular viewers, which is  all about the little pieces of training that happen every day that are monumental in the creation of a well behaved dog.

Once they learn the sit to a high degree, everything else will become easier because the concepts you teach your dog while  training the sit are transferable.

Or really… you can do SO MUCH with a perfect sit.

If you want to safely walk you dog off leash, there is confidence that comes from knowing you can stop them in their tracks no matter what… Just use your sit.


If your dog sometimes jumps on people, putting him in a sit prevents this


All of those doing agility a perfect sit is the key to a great start line which makes every course so much easier


You get back to your car with a muddy dog and want to get the towel out of the car before your dog gets in, a great sit prevents you from having to wrestle your dog from getting in the car

Though to the untrained eye they just look like unimportant tiny pieces…

…like realizing your attention is a huge reward and you need to be aware what you are rewarding

Or understanding that where you reward is the difference between a dog who really understands sit or a dog who just follows a cookie

But without them you will never achieve the relationship you crave and are working so hard towards.