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Our experienced dog trainers provide positive dog training for puppies, obedience, challenging behaviour, and a variety of dog sports including scent work and agility.

We work from several locations locally around the Kemptville / Winchester / Ottawa area.

We also serve clients globally with online training courses and 1:1 dog training via video. Click here to view our current course library, or contact us to learn more.

Summer agility classes at:
3400 Wallace Road, South Mountain, Ontario

Winter classes at:
South Mountain Fairgrounds, 2967 Lough Road

Success stories

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to come across Shake-A-Paw Dog training. My dog Tala was a very dominant, spayed female Alaskan Malamute — that happened to be about 31″ at the shoulder and 130 pounds. She had broken most of my fingers on several occasions, left gashes and bruises on me and blacked out my eyes on several occasions, from snout punching. She was a problem-dog.

She and I had been removed or released from several obedience classes in other training facilities. Tala scared the other people in the class or she scared the trainers. I tried for months to find a decent training program. I resigned myself to the that fact I had a dog who would never go out in public. I was referred to Paola and she spent months working on the pair of us. Eventually, I had control of the dog, extreme, precise control from obedience lessons taught by Paula and her friends. I gained knowledge. But, most importantly I gained a pet.

Tala and I did multiple sessions of obedience and agility training with Paola over the next few years. Tala became signal-trained, word-trained and a behaved dog. The dog could go anywhere. I gained all that from attending Paola’s training classes.

~ Tanya and Tala

Shake-A-Paw is the best thing that could have ever happened for us, and Kain! As a pup, Kain was shy of strangers, and barked and growled at Paola when he first met her…With owning a german shepherd, we wanted to make sure that Kain became a pleasure for others to be around, and a confident dog whom others would be safe around.

Shake-A-Paw gave us the tools we needed to help Kain build his comfort and confidence with people he didn’t know. The trainers at Shake-A-Paw understand that each dog has their own personalities, and anxieties, and came up for ways to train with what worked for Kain, respecting his boundaries with unknown people, helping him to be a happier dog.

Now Kain will accept treats, and play fetch with ‘outsiders’, and allow an occasional pat from a stranger, and loves to play with all dogs, big and small. Shake-A-Paw trainers are patient, and always willing to offer advice in and out of class to students, and that has been great when a problem arises, that needs to be addressed.

That’s the ‘people’ opinion of Shake-A-Paw! As for Kain, as soon as we make the turn towards the school, he is beside himself with excitement, jumping and whining with anticipation to see his friends, and to get to work.”

~ (The Wylies & Kain)

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