Does your dog have boundless energy, racing around the house, getting into everything, Just won’t settle?

Maybe your dog has basic obedience skills but you feel like you are ready for more?  

Is your dog begging you to play but you are both bored with your current go tos?   

Have you enjoyed the training and want to continue to have fun with your dog? 

Is your dog worried and scared of new things?   

Maybe you are you trying to find a way to build your dog’s confidence? 

If any of these sound like you…

…. than AGILITY is what you are looking for!!!!

Your dog is capable of so much more than sit and down.  

You know how smart your dog is!

All that brain power screaming to be used
And if you have a wild and more energetic dog…

They are quite possibly literally screaming for something to do ?

You may of seen many agility schools in the area, so how do you decide where to enroll your dog?

At Shake-a-Paw we don’t just teach you and your dog agility

We pride ourselves in working with individuals

We go beyond just helping the dogs… we pay special attention to training, YOU!

We’ve spent the last 3 decades perfecting the art of education.

We employ different teaching techniques to give you the most comprehensive learning experience.

Learn how to build your dog’s confidence

Learn how to build your dog’s obedience

Learn how to build your dog’s skills

Learn how to build you and your dog’s relationship

Together, at Shake a Paw, your dog AND YOU

Will learn how to do AGILITY!!!!

We offer all levels of Agility

from foundation to competing and everything in between 

Agility Level 1 - Foundations
  • build confidence
  • build the team – learn to work together

  • intro to equipment – jumps and tunnels

  • learn how to safely direct your dog around a course

  • improve listening skills in a high energy environment
Agility Level 2 - Assemble
  • find your dog’s go button – teach speed and drive
  • start to put the pieces together – handling/sequencing

  • body awareness/strength training – fun exercises to keep your dog fit

  • building the team – a dog who wants to work with you

Agility Level 3 - Skills & Drills
  • with drive you then need impulse control

  • obstacle independence

  • building distance with confidence

Agility Level 4
  • understanding lines
  • learning to walk courses and make the best decisions for you and your dog
  • competition prep

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