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Local dog sports classes in the Kemptville area, including all levels of agility and scent work classes with our experienced team of dog trainers.

With 20+ years experience, dog trainer Paola Hoger works online and in person for 1:1 training or video training courses to help you achieve the dog of your dreams.  

How we help dog owners

Dog Obedience

You love your dog, but if you’re honest, there are issues. Through positive training and a step by step plan, we work with you and your canine companion to build confidence (in both you and your dog!) and eliminate or replace undesirable behaviours (jumping, whining, pulling on leash, reactivity, agression) so your dog becomes the dream dog you were hoping for!

Puppy Training

Our goal is to help you right from the beginning instill proper habits in your puppy so you do not have to do a lot of problem solving later when they are bigger and less malleable.  We sit down with you and decide what your dream dog looks like – walking nicely on a leash, playing with your kids, learning to come when called. Then we create an easy to follow training and management plan. 

Dog Sports (all levels)

If your dog needs a job, or you are looking to strengthen the bond with your canine companion by taking part in fun dog sports and activities, we provide beginner through competition level training in agility, nosework, and other dog sports.

What we will do:

  • Treat you and your dog with respect
  • Use food, toys and praise to reward your dog
  • Be patient with you we realize learning is hard
  • Teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog
  • Show you the how and the why to make you a better dog trainer
  • Show you how to have fun training your dog
  • Be honest with you

What we will NOT do:

  • Treat you or your dog disrespectfully
  • Handle your dog roughly or alpha-roll him/her
  • Yell or hit your dog
  • Use fear, intimidation or force
  • Refer to your dog as dominant or alpha  



Dog Owner Success Stories

Mowgli dog is the best behaved 11 month old puppy that my husband and I have ever seen. I take him to work at a park visitors center where he knows when to be friendly and when to lay down quietly. It’s so rewarding to see what a great boy he’s turned into. We never could have done it without the help of Poala at Shake-a Paw!

~ Mowgli and family


“Our Oreo is a Sheltie, and was out of control before we started with Paola –  Leash walking was a disaster, everything under the sun went into his mouth, and there was no way he’d listen to us.

After a one lesson with Paola, everything started to change around. We took several courses with Oreo and Shake-a-Paw, and both he and his family are a very happy bunch.”

 ~ Dennis, Anda, Alda, and Oreo

Amber just loves going to agility class! She likes to play in the snow, and watch the snowmobile races. Sleeping in the sun and hanging our with her sister, Brita are 2 of her favourite ways to spend the day.

Amber is the favourite dog in the trailer park, every kid gives her kisses. Next year she hopes to be in a TV commercial.

~ Cyndie and Amber


 Looking For A Professional Dog Trainer?

Our mission is to help you achieve the dog of your dreams, whether that is becoming a loving, well-mannered pet or a hard-working dog sport companion. Together we will create a picture of what your ideal dog looks like, and achieve lasting results with positive training and reinforcement and a step by step action plan for to help keep you on track.

Our services include puppy socialization packages, obedience training, reactive or challenging dog behaviours, and dog sports of all levels including agility, nose work and more.

We provide local services in the Kemptville – Winchester – Ottawa area, as well as 1:1 training in person or via video training or online courses.  

Complete the short enquiry form to tell us about you, your dog, and your goals!

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Looking for puppy training, dog obedience classes, help for a reactive or fearful dog? Or maybe you’re ready to get started or improve competition skills in agility, scent work or other dog sports.

We’d love to work with you to achieve the dog of your dreams!

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We also serve clients globally with online training courses and 1:1 dog training via video. Contact us for more info.