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Shake-A-Paw Dog Training

Shake-A-Paw Dog Training

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"Max" Kortar's Kindred Knave

Max arrived at our home at 6 months old has not stopped talking since. Max is a Siberian Husky and proud. Max and I have done many things, tracking, obedience, and agility. Max loves his Momma and works really hard and became a pretty good agility dog with some discussions when things were not going the way he felt they should. Unfortunately dogs grow old and Max is now 11 and retired but I smile at all the wonderful memories when we sit and cuddle or have a conversation that can only be had with a Sibe.

"Iggy" TNT Start Me UP

Since I love doing agility when I was looking for another dog a Border Collie was the obvious choice. I am also lucky enough to know Tiffany Salmon from TNT who breeds wonderful BC’s and even better was local which allowed me to go visit the puppies every week since they were born. Iggy came into existence on November 29, 2009. Iggy is the sweetest most lovable dog in the world, there is nothing better for him than getting love, he is not picky anyone will do. We have been working really hard on our agility and just started competing this year. All our hard work is paying off and he is working well and building confidence while we build our skills and learn to work together.