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Shake-A-Paw Dog Training

Shake-A-Paw Dog Training

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Comprehensive Consult

How is it going with your dog?

Is it working out the way you had planned?

You know you don’t have to live like this

You will be amazed how doing the right thing at the right time will give you that dog that you are dreaming of

We come to you, it all starts at home

Take away all the distractions and first learn the skills

Once the skills are there adding distractions is easy

We give you step by step directions

We sit down and decide what you want, like a vision board for your dog

We are there to support you, cheer you on when you have success, and guide you through the challenges

It’s not about yelling or punishment, it is all about training

We want to help you with your dog woes

What is going on that is driving you nuts?

We can provide solutions to all your dog training unhappiness.

Basic manners training - has your cute little wee puppy become a bit of a hellion

Door manners - are you embarrassed to have people come to your door

Recall - does come mean run the other way as fast as you can to your dog

Leash manners - could your dog participate in the Iditarod because of the pulling

Are you ready to take your training to the next step?

Are you tired of your frustration to solve your dog’s misbehaviour.

Whether that reacting to other dogs, guarding food, jumping on your company, begging at the table, the list goes on and on.

We are here to help you.

It all starts with an in home consult.