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Shake-A-Paw Dog Training

Shake-A-Paw Dog Training

Kemptville Schedule

At Shake-a-Paw Dog Training, we provide dog owners with the skills they need to train their dogs. We know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to train your pup but Shake-a-Paw Dog Training is here to help. As experts on obedience, we can provide you with the best tips and techniques to becoming a successful dog trainer yourself! We want to be able to teach you how to train your own dog so that you can take the lessons home with you to practice.

Over the years, we have served the communities of Kemptville to Winchester, ON with professional dog training. The dogs we train have moved on to really make their owners proud with their new-found puppy manners! We here at Shake-a-Paw Dog Training offer a number of services and can assure you that we will find the right obedience class for you and your dog. These days, we understand that everyone is living a busy lifestyle and what little free-time you have is very precious. Let us help you resolve your dog training issues with simple, easily-integrated solutions. Check out our calendar for a schedule of up-coming classes and let’s get started today!

What we will do:

  • Treat you and your dog with respect
  • Use food, toys and praise to reward your dog
  • Be patient with you we realize learning is hard
  • Teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog
  • Show you the how and the why to make you a better dog trainer
  • Show you how to have fun training your dog
  • Be honest with you

What we will Not do:

  • Treat you or your dog disrespectfully
  • Handle your dog roughly or alpha-roll him/her
  • Yell or hit your dog
  • Use fear, intimidation or force
  • Refer to your dog as dominant or alpha


Scent Classes are held at various locations around Kemptville.

Our summer agility classes are held at 3400 Wallace Road, South Mountain and our winter location is 2967 Lough Road, South Mountain (South Mountain Fair Grounds).

Private lessons are in-home or at a mutually agreed upon location.